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International Tender for Consulting Services as

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Operatori i Shpėrndarjes sė Energjisė Elektrike sh.a (OSHEE)




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May, 24th, 2018

Tender by the
Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania

 Deadline : May 22nd, 2018

Deadline for inquiries was May 8th, 2018 at 24:00, CET. 

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First stage of an international open bidding procedure for the consulting services required

Project Measures and requested Consultant Services



Deadline for receipt

May 22nd,2018
16:00 h local time Frankfurt           


Energy - Distribution Network and Companies

Project Name


Project No.


Type of Tender /Stage:


First stage of an international open bidding procedure for the consulting services required


Tender by the future employer Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania.
The direct beneficiary of measures will be Operatori i Shpėrndarjes sė Energjisė Elektrike sh.a (OSHEE).
For the consulting services funds are earmarked for financing by the Federal Government of Germany through KfW Development Bank.

Project Measures and requested Consultant Services

The services of the MASC will consist of the continuous on-site support to the level of the Administrator and selected senior managers at OSHEE through management advice and implementation, through at least three integrated experts in high level key positions over a period of total of a minimum of 15 months.
The activities of the Contractor shall have a holistic and integrated approach to contribute to the further reduction of electricity losses and strengthening of the company. The type of tasks includes among others hands-on technical/professional advice and active support during the decision making process of management as well as in the implementation of organizational change strengthening leadership and commitment. Tasks shall target primarily activities in the headquarters of OSHEE, but will include extensive activities in territorial organizations of OSHEE.

The activities of the consultant team shall start in Q4 2018. Duration will be 15+ months.

Minimum Requirements for Participation

The participants of this pre-qualification have to demonstrate among other aspects through past references that they have a solid successful hands-on experience in

• the technical operation of power distribution companies/facilities and

• the turnaround management of such companies or the corresponding comprehensive consulting services for such management.

Relevant experience, preferably in transformation economies in the Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and/or Balkan, with similar assignments for such management support is required for participation.

Furthermore, the participants must fulfil the following minimum requirements:

  • Aggregated average annual turnover of more than EUR 3.0 million within 2014-2016.
  • The Bidders must demonstrate that they have access to a team of qualified international long-term consultants, complemented by short-term consultants

Team Profile

It will be the responsibility of the consultant to form a team according to his own assessment of the needs of the project.
However, at least coverage of the following expert positions will be required:

Key Expert 1: Technical Distribution Expert
Key Expert 2: Human Resources (Personnel) Expert
Key Expert 3: General Management Expert (Economist; Financial)
Short-Term Experts 1 and 2: IT Specialists (Grid; Business)
Short-Term Expert 3: Treasury
Short-Term Expert 4: Accounting

For details see the Terms of Reference


For details see the Invitation for Expressions of Interest


Tender Notice published on April 5 th, 2018 at GTAI

Pre-Qualification Information


Please find all details on the pre-qualification in the following documents:

        Invitation for Expressions of Interest

          Indicative Terms of Reference


Further Documents

KfW Guidelines for the Assignment of Consultants


At any time, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy and/or KfW Development Bank either at its own initiative or in response to clarifications requested by an interested consultant may clarify this invitation. Inquiries from interested consultants concerning this tendering will be accepted only till May  8th 2018 (24.00h).

Updates and clarifications will ONLY be presented on this website and will be made available to all interested consultants by this mean.

For any clarifications and updates please consult this website regularly.


Contact for Inquiries

All communication on this project – with the exception of the submission of the bids - shall be through the tender agent (with copy to KfW) using the following email addresses:  (with copy to





Please note that the deadline for inquiries was closed on May 8th  at 24:00, CET.

INQUIRIES from Consultants concerning the Invitation for Expressions of Interest -  Status


Tender Document




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Do consultant companies to be accredited with KfW or another accreditation agency to participate in tenders of Financial Cooperation?


No, there is no need of prior accreditation. This is the first stage of an OPEN international tender.

Participants have to comply with the conditions of the Invitation for Expressions of Interest and follow the corresponding instructions


May 15th, 19:00

8 iii, e

(page 3)


Financial Capacity:Minimum Turnover and associations of Consultants


In case several consulting companies cooperate for the task, will their turnover be aggregated to calculate their relevant turnover base to fulfil the minimum turnover requirement?


This depends on their type of participation and liability in the association.

Only the turnover of those companies, which participate as fully liable member in a consortium, can contribute to the calculation of the turnover base.

Sub-contractors, which are contracted by a consortium or one of its members, are not directly liable to the employer. Accordingly their turnover is not taken into the calculation of the valid turnover of the consortium.


May 15th, 19:00