German Financial Co-operation with Namibia
"GET FiT Bush-to-Electricity Programme for Namibia"

International Tender for the Services of a

Consultant for the Pre-Feasibility Study



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February 13th, 2018 at 24:00, CET. CLOSED for INQURIES. 

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Feb 16th, 2018


Tender with Postqualification

 Deadline: March 6th. 2018
16:00 local time Frankfurt.



International open bidding procedure with post-qualification for the consulting services required


Project Measures and requested Consultant Services



Deadline for receipt

March 6th. 2018
16:00 h local time Frankfurt


Renewable Energy

Project Name

GET FiT Bush-To-Electricity Programme for Namibia Facilitating Investments in Renewable Energy

Project No.

BMZ No. 2017.6821.7

Type of Tender /Stage:

International open Tender with Post-qualification


Namibia, Ministry of Mines and Energy

Project Measures and requested Consultant Services

Consulting Services for a Feasibility Study


Pre-Requisites for participation (among others)

Fulfillment of Post-qualification criteria:
1. Necessary aggregated annual turnover of more than EUR 1 million
2. E
xperience in the energy sector of at least 10 years; including renewable energy power generation in the Southern African region
3. Working experience at least one key staff team member in the field of bush encroachment and/or bush harvesting and/or productive use of bush harvest e.g. bush to electricity
4. Experience in the grid connected energy generation by harvested biomass combustion
5. Experience in the design of financial instruments for energy sector (such as REFIT, GETFiT or similar smart subsidy schemes)
6. Working experience in Namibia or Southern Africa of at least 3 years
7. Adequate availability of Expertise and Human Resource Capacity
For details see the tender document.

Tender Documents

Conditions of Tender

Terms of Reference

Template for Consulting Contract

Background  Documents

  1. Information on the GET FiT Programme Uganda

  2. GET FIT Market Assessment South Africa

  3. Project Concept Note GET FiT- Namibia. (Updated)

  4. GET FIT pre-feasibility study Namibia - Identical with 3.

  5. WSP Environment & Energy South Africa - Pre-Feasibility Study for a Biomass Power Plant in Namibia" (2012)  Part1  Part2  Part3

  6. NamPower – Executive The growth of biomass power capacity: Presentation Sept. 2017

  7. National Integrated Resource Plan

  8. Harambee Prosperity Plan

  9. RE Policy Namibia

  10. National Energy Policy

  11. Draft IPP Policy

  12. The Forestry and Environmental Authorizations Process for Bush Harvesting Projects



At any time, KfW Development Bank either at its own initiative or in response to clarifications requested by an interested consultant may clarify this invitation.

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Contact for Inquiries

All communication on this project – with the exception of the submission of the expression of interests - shall be through the tender agent using the following email address:




Please note that the deadline for inquiries was February 13th, 2018 at 24:00, CET. 




INQUIRIES from Consultants concerning the Tender documents  



Tender Document




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1 Terms of Reference (TOR) page 19

Conditions of Tender Annex C 2

Team Leader Requirements The annexed TOR notes stipulate that the Key Expert 1 (Team Leader) has a minimum project experience requirement, which requires at least three relevant RE projects/programs (under Task related experience, pg 19) and at least three relevant energy project/programs in SSA (under Regional Experience, pg 19).

The associated Tender Document (COT) then notes that the project related experience for the Team Leader is that each of the projects/programs provided as proof of experience have a minimum 1 year input (page 29).

Is the correct interpretation of this 1 year input requirement that any project referenced by the proposed TL as task-related experience, and to meet the minimum 3 relevant RE project/programs, with less than 12MM of input will be disqualified from this minimum requirement?

The TOR do NOT specify a minimum need of 12 expert months per RE project/programm. There is no minimum requirement for expert-months for reference projects.  However, the requested reference projects/programs will be assessed as well on their relevance, significance and size incl. the rendered expert-months.

The table Annex C2 serves as overview only. As this is a short-term project, the No of projects with > 1 EXPERT MONTH of input may be indicated.

NO, neither the project references with less than 1 year, nor the corresponding proposal itself will be discarded.  

 Feb 6th 2018

2 Terms of Reference (TOR) page 19
Conditions of Tender Annex C 2
Team Leader Requirements Does any minimum 12MM input requirement also all apply to the 3 relevant energy projects/programs in SSA? NO, there is no minimum requirement for expert-months for projects in the SSA. Feb 6th 2018
3 Terms of Reference (TOR) page 19
Conditions of Tender Annex C 2
Team Leader Requirements If the 1 year input requirement is applicable, is it possible to revisit or eliminate the 1 year input (12MM) requirement as it may eliminate many good candidates from the finance community that may not spend 1 full year (12 MM of input) on a single project?  There is NO minimum requirement for expert-months for reference projects. Feb 6th 2018
4 Terms of Reference (TOR) page 19
Conditions of Tender Annex C 2
Team Leader Requirements Does the option of program (vs. project) imply that the minimum 1 year (12MM of input) requirement is acceptable for those programmatic activities with many subprojects, each subproject with less than 12MM input, and where the staff does have more than 1 year of input (12MM) in the overall program? Please clarify the definition of 'program'. There is NO minimum requirement for expert-months for reference projects.
Yes, it is NOT necessary that within a program, understood as a multi-sub-project activitiy, the sub-projects must meet any 12mm requirement,
Feb 6th 2018
5 Conditions of Tender
Page 16 at GCT 2.0
Minimum turnover of bidder The documents indicate a requirement for "an aggregated annual turnover of more than EUR 1 million.” question is whether this applies solely to the lead organisation or to the consortium members more broadly? The aggregated average annual turnover of the bidder has to exceed the amount of EUR 1 million. In the case of consortium it would be the SUM of the turnover of the lead consultant plus that of all other partners with joint and several liability in the consortium that has to exceed this threshold, not  the turnover of each and every individual member of the consortium. Feb 6th 2018

updated on Feb.9th

6 Terms of  Reference
page 18 and 19
 Technical Expert as Team Leader Is the Team Leader required to also be the Finance Expert, or can one of the other key staff also function as the Team Lead (i.e. Technical Expert)? Please also denote if the Team Leader as Finance Expert is also a preference. The preferred option is to have a financial expert as team leader.
A Technical Expert can be the Team Leader. However, in such a case the scoring in the evaluation would be lower
Furthermore, this would NOT WAIVE the requirements for the financial expert.
Feb 6th 2018
7 Conditions of Tender page 16 experience in “Bush encroachment and/or bush harvesting and/or productive use of bush harvest” through a key expert In the COT the possibility is offered to demonstrate experience in “Bush encroachment and/or bush harvesting and/or productive use of bush harvest” through a key expert. Which format should be used for the reference, in case the experience of a key expert is used? There is no strict format for that. However, it may be helpful to use table on page 25 "Project experience" to present the experience of the key expert. Feb 13th 2018
8 Conditions of Tender page 16


Minimum requirement for experience.
Validity of experiences of sub-contractor and key experts
For other criteria, such as “Energy generation by harvested biomass combustion” or “Design of financial instruments for energy sector”, could the references of a subcontractor or key expert be added to those of the lead consultant? To fulfill the minimum criterium  “Energy generation by harvested biomass combustion”  (second item under 5)  references of a subcontractor and/or key expert can be used.
The necessary experience in the field of "Design of financial instruments for energy sector” (third item under 5) must be demonstrated by the bidder himself, i.e. the consultant and/or a fully liable partner of the bidder consortium.
Feb 13th 2018
9 Terms of Reference Business Model and Financial Model Section 3.3 identifies the need to develop an overarching business model, which seems to include all elements of the BTE value chain, including: harvesting, social impacts, BTE fuel supply, and power generation.

Section 3.3 later mentions 'BTE business models', implying more than one model. Sub-task 3.3.1 further describes the development of a business model but the focus is on the fuel supply stage and its components.

Finally, the second goal in section 3.3.2 refers to a 'basic financial model'.

Please clarify if these all refer to the same financial model or if various models need to be developed.

Please also clarify if the model/s are at the national level (considering the whole value chain and sector), individual stages in the value chain, or the individual IPP/harvester level.

As stated in the TOR, the overall business model of future BTE is not yet clear at the moment and it is one of the objectives of this feasibility study to develop "a general bush-to electricity business and market model" (fuel supply AND power generation) in Phase B (See page 7 of the TOR). This is followed by very detailed descriptions of works and tasks under 3.3. "Development of a BTE business model and identification of potential investors".

In this regards it may be helpful to distinguish between the "business model", which we understand as the overarching rationale and set of measures, transactions and regulations to make BTE viable as a business at all, and a computed "financial model", which calculates the financial aspects of such a model. Obviously, both – the business model AND the financial model are necessary for this task.

In this regard the requested basic financial model (Fuel supply financial model) in section 3.3.2 for the BTE fuel supply pipeline is only one of the necessary components of the chain of crucial element of the overall business model of the future BTE, which however includes as well BTE Transaction Structures (3.3.4) and the "Identification and pre-assessment of BTE power plant pipeline" (3.3.3).

The latter will include pre-assessments of a pipeline of private BTE Independent Power Producers (IPPs) including the economic aspects of the BTE IPPs. The goals are to validate the assumptions and parameters for the respective basic financial model (Power plant financial model; See page 11).

Naturally, to make the rationale for the BTE the two financial models "BTE fuel supply" and "BTE power plant" are connected, by the fuel supply quantities and prices. The feasibility study has to investigate the viability of the whole BTE chain, including the transaction structure (see 3.3.4).

Thus it will require several financial models as components – possibly with several scenarios (structure and/or sensitivity of prices etc) each – to elaborate the final overarching BTE business model, which shall be at national level, but based on concrete and specified empirical findings to prove it at least for a selected individual IPP and harvester area.


Feb 16th, 2018

10 Terms Of Reference Required degree for legal expert In Namibia, many practicing lawyers with relevant experience do not have a master level degree, as this is not required. Can this degree requirement be revisited, or is the preference in such situations that Key Expert 3 be an international legal expert with a master-level degree that will cooperate with a local lawyer without a master-level degree? The key expert in this field shall not have only an undergraduate level degree, but at least a masters degree. Bidders are free to choose their way to comply with this requirement.


Feb 16th, 2018